Joshua Kerrigan

Joshua Kerrigan: Best in the Boating Industry

Joshua Kerrigan

Joshua Kerrigan and his team of Yacht Management of South Florida professionals strive to make boat ownership easier than you every thought possible. Equipped to provide high-quality boat maintenance, repair, repainting and remodeling to every client, Joshua Kerrigan and his professional team provide everyone the benefit of experience and expertise, as well as the services of a proven industry leader.

Joshua Kerrigan: Comprehensive

Joshua Kerrigan has grown the company he founded, has transformed into an industry leading company over the years. Yacht Management of South Florida, who Kerrigan is now the CEO over, has a comprehensive service, which covers any of the needs a client could ever have for their boat. Form maintenance, to repairs, upkeep, and even crew services, Yacht management is a one stop shop for all boat owners and their boating needs.

CEO, Joshua Kerrigan, and his team have one ultimate goal” to make each and every customer please with the service provided and happily on their way out to the sea with a fully functioning boat. Kerrigan is an expert in yacht management and a boating professional himself and thus has the knowledge, expertise and education needed to alleviate the stress of boat management from any client. With no worries or anxiety about the boat’s condition, looks or service, clients can focus on the enjoyment of their time out at sea and the adventures coming their way.

Joshua Kerrigan wants every customer to be able to relax and truly enjoy their on the water adventure without any surprises, complications or difficulties. With crew service, the onboard experience, of owning a yacht, is exponentially better, with men and women catering to every need of the customer and their friends, family and/or loved ones on the ship. Letting Kerrigan’s team at Yacht Management of South Florida handle the care of their boating needs is one of the best decision any captain and yacht owner in the area can make.

Joshua Kerrigan: A Visionary Leader in Boating Services

Joshua Kerrigan has a singular vision: To consistently provide concierge-level yacht management services to every client at every available opportunity. As the founder of Yacht Management South Florida, Inc. a leading full-service management company, Kerrigan continues to pursue and realize this vision with resounding success, and is responsible for building a boating service mainstay that promises to be an industry leader for years into the future.

Under the expert leadership and guidance of Yacht Management CEO Joshua Kerrigan, his firm has been propelled to the top of the industry. Captain Kerrigan developed a passion for boats and for boating at a very early age, and maintains the same high level of enthusiasm and interest for the activity that he’s had from the very beginning. Since 1999, Yacht Management has grown to become the best boating service and management company in the field, and is continually recognized by satisfied clients, staff and industry colleagues as the standard-bearer in a highly competitive industry.

Joshua Kerrigan employs only those that share his vision and his passion for success. He understands that great customer service, high rates of customer loyalty and continued client satisfaction would not be possible without professionals who love and value boating just as much as he does. His team is ever-committed to ensuring that every vessel, and every client, receive the customized and comprehensive services they deserve, and to work towards making every voyage as stress free, enjoyable and cost-effective as possible. It is Kerrigan’s unrivaled enthusiasm for the industry and for boating that continue to fuel his company’s success.

Joshua Kerrigan: Chief Executive Officer and Captain of Yacht Management South Florida, Inc.

Joshua Kerrigan is the leader and Chief Executive Officer of Yacht Management South Florida, Inc., the best full-service yacht management company in the industry. By consistently providing clients the most comprehensive management services delivered by only the most qualified boating industry professionals, Kerrigan has established his company as an industry leader for many years to come.

Joshua Kerrigan takes full-service yacht management seriously, and strives to give every client the benefit of superlative, unparalleled management services when and wherever they are in need. Working with a team of professionals who share his vision for providing superior customer service, products and management at every opportunity, Kerrigan ensures his clients receive only the best the industry can offer, building continually high levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction that can’t be matched by anyone else in the field.

Many members of Joshua Kerrigan’s Yacht Management team have been with the company since 1999, and maintain the same high level of commitment and dedication they’ve had from the very beginning. When you hire Yacht Management for your boating service needs, you have the opportunity to get to know a team that always goes the extra mile to provide professional, loyal, friendly and trustworthy service to every client. Each team member is well-trained, certified and experienced in yacht management, and will work towards making your next boating journey as stress free as possible.

Place your vessel in the hands of dedicated boating professionals you know you can trust. Choose Yacht Management today for the best service experience available in the region.

Joshua Kerrigan: Service When and Where You Need It

The best quality service in the boating industry is available when and where you need it, provided quickly, efficiently and affordably by Joshua Kerrigan and the Yacht Management South Florida, Inc. team. Whether you’re in need of boat management at dockside, at a Yacht Management managed marina or in their full-service boatyard, Kerrigan and his crew will take care to provide you and your vessel the best service possible.

Joshua Kerrigan, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Yacht Management, is proud to provide great, full-service yacht management to vessels of all shapes and sizes,. Every client searching for either boat management or boatyard services are guaranteed to receive excellent, thorough service from a highly-trained and well-qualified Yacht Management staff, particularly at the Yacht Management New River Service Center on Marina Mile, located on the shores of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This unique and expansive full-service boatyard is equipped to handle any of your boat service needs, from maintenance and repair to remodeling, refitting, repainting and more.

The leader of a fully licensed and insured boat management company, Joshua Kerrigan provides his clients the value, benefit and confidence of a qualified and experienced boat management team, one that has the tools, equipment and experience needed to consistently provide a superior level of service and quality to every client at every opportunity. Through competitive prices, unmatched customer service and high-quality boating products, the Yacht Management team continues to exceed client expectations and to maintain their position as established industry leader. They look forward to fulfilling your yacht management needs today.

Joshua Kerrigan

In Southern Florida, resides a company that is a leader in its industry with its team of yacht management professionals and service employees. Yacht Management, with leader and captain Joshua Kerrigan, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. A fully licensed and insured boat management and service company, Yacht Management led by the CEO, or in sea terms, captain, is also the founder, Joshua Kerrigan, provides its clientele with affordable services, highly rated maintenance and upkeep, and high quality services for any and all of their boats’ needs.

Having been in the industry for years, Yacht Management looks to continue its consistency at the top of their industry and to provide services such as repairs, remodeling, cabin service, repainting, management of finances, logistics and administration, and also full service maintenance. Joshua Kerrigan is proud to provide full-service boat management for the needs of his clientele through his company, Yacht Management. There is no vessel too small or too big for the seasoned veterans of the yacht Management Team. With no specification to brand of the vessel, size or shape, Joshua Kerrigan’s team is fully licensed and insured to help the boat of any customer who walks in.

By giving competitive prices, customer service matched by no other company in the industry, and boating products of the highest quality, Joshua Kerrigan and the Yacht management team continues to attract new clientele and exceed the expectations of current clients, maintaining their reputation for being one of the best in the business.

Joshua Kerrigan Leader in Boating Service

There is only one vision, one ultimate goal of Joshua Kerrigan, CEO of Yacht Management South Florida, Inc., to consistently provide the highest level of yacht management services to each and every client who gives them the opportunity to do so. At a price affordable to boat owners everywhere, Joshua Kerrigan draws his clients in, and with his team of professionals, carries out the one vision of the company. As the founder of the company, Joshua Kerrigan pushes his team to achieve resounding success and to take responsibility for the service they give as an individual and as a team.

As CEO, Joshua Kerrigan guides the Yacht Management team to the top, keeping the company steady as an industry leader. Having developed a fervor for boating at a young age, Kerrigan maintains the same enthusiasm for the industry today and passes it forth onto his team. Since just before the turn of the new millennia, Yacht Management has experienced incredible growth to become the best boasting service and management company in their industry. Continuing with their one vision and goal set by the CEO, Yacht Management is consistently recognized by satisfied clients, industry collogues and associates alike, are the standard for customer service.

Joshua Kerrigan shares his passion and vision with employees who soak it up and follow the vision of the company. Together they serve every client and the vessel they bring with them receive the best service possible, and the client's needs are met by the company, without dampening the size of their wallets.