Preparing for Writing Assessments

Tools to Use

Are your students prepared for these assessments?

Bottom Line: Students need to write everyday!

Resources for Writing

Worksheet Resources to use in your classroom

Teach It, Write It, Test It Curriculum

Technology Writing Supports

Boom Writer

So here's how it works...

It’s quite simple really.

We turn you into a real author by giving you a starting point to write your own chapters. You then vote on other authors’ chapters and the winners get published!

It’s that simple...

Story Bird

Students write the story and use illustrations donated by real illustrators! Then they can have the book printed and feel like a real author, for a fee of course.

Story Jumper

Students create books by writing and bringing in stickers and drawing their own illustrations. Again students can have their book printed and feel like a published author.


Smore is a newsletter and flyer creator. Students can create a single page on a certain topic. Tell a story, explain how to do something or post articles on different topics. This resource you are looking at is a Smore!


Create your rubrics easily using pre-made assessments that you match to your needs for an assessment.

Vocabulary Support Resources

Spelling and Vocabulary City -

Quizlet -

Free Rice -

Brain Rush -

Back Pack Practice -


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