Protecting our hears!

Steps to prevent our hears from hurting

Damaging our ears

The first thing that destroys our ears is loud noises. Loud noises damage our ears and it often cannot be restored. Too loud for to long is wrong. Certain chemicals and drugs can cause a lot of damage to your ears. And the last thing that damages your ears is earphones and speakers. Earphones blocks most of the sound wave from going outside of of your ears. Speakers is just making the sound louder and that is not good.

Protecting our ears

The easiest way to protect our ears from hurting is wearing earplugs. it blocks all the noises and sound waves from going into your eardrums. If you are realizing that you have problems with hearing you need to go to a medical check immediately. Don't often use a cotton bud to clean your ears. The final way is to avoid head injuries. They damage your eardrums!


Hearing is super important and it is one of the most important senses of the 5 senses. What would it be like if we cannot hear? Everyone needs to care about their sense of hearing!
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