Safety and Hygiene.

Learn How To Be A Safety Wiz In The Kitchen!

Food Safety

Always separate your foods. Meats, vegetables, and all of your other foods should be separated from your meats and anything else that can or may contaminate your foods. Another thing that should also be done is to make sure all of your produce is washed off. Freeing the food from all the dirt and muck it had on it. Temping is also another importance. Make sure all of your meats and perishable items temp correctly so they do not get anyone Ill. One other big importance is CONSTANTLY wash your hands.

Personal Hygiene.

Okay.. you are walking into a restraunt and zur Host/Hostess sits you down at your table. Your waiter comes up with long greasy hair, put up in a bun. His fingernails are long, and unclean. Would you really want ANYONE like this serving you your food? I think not. Personal hygiene is good to be kept clean when dealing with customers. Body odor is also is a big no-no, as well as brushing those teeth in your mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to thaw frozen proteins?
The best way to defrost pork is in the refrigerator in its wrapping.

How will I know if meat and poultry products are irradiated?
Consumers cannot recognize irradiated food by sight, smell, taste, or feel. Irradiated foods can be recognized by the presence of the international symbol for irradiation on the packaging along with the words "Treated with Radiation," or "Treated by Irradiation."