Care for Peoples situations

Zach Jorgenson

Setting of my story

I live in Norwalk, Iowa in a modern house. I had just moved their last winter so for about a year. I have always lived in Norwalk, Iowa ever since I was born. I don't see that much mean people in Norwalk most everyone is nice.

Important Characters

My dad is a hero to me and is a very nice person. He works at the downtown Marriott which is a hotel. One time their was a homeless person in the hotel and the people who worked there kicked him out, but my dad brought him back into the hotel and took him to a resturaunt. My oldest brother wants to be a police officer because his friend is one and he wants to help people out. He has always wanted to be a police officer ever since he was like around 15 or so. I remember him watching the cops show every day when it was on, I even remember when it was on during the day it was on from 6 PM to 9 PM.

Knowledge of what to do when you help someone

If it is a homeless person, don't give them money because you don't know what they can buy with that money, they could buy drugs or alcohol. What you need to do is give them things you hope they would buy with money, like clothes, coats, hats, gloves, Sleeping bags, blankets, hotel room, food, or anything else that is important.

What led me to my story.

I was raised by a great family which had taught me to care for them and others. Also I watched some videos on youtube that showed me how people can be caring and the feeling of care is awesome especially when it happens to you, and My dad told me a awesome story of him taking a homeless person to a restaurant, which was inspiring to me.

Turning Point

I will do one or more deeds a day that will make people happier. The falling action would be the reaction of the person.

YouTube video

This is a YouTube video that I saw and I thought it was cool and it inspired me.
Giving $100 to Homeless People | Give Back Films