The Rules of Twitter

Amanda Collins

The Rules of Doing Twitter

1. Only use 120 characters per tweet (it allows 30 characters for replies)

2. Don’t favorite or retweet your own tweet

3. Always tag your tweet but hashtags should be sensible - up to 3

4. Don’t post personal tweets a lot

5. Use a ratio

6. Follow the right people

7. Don’t ignore people

8. Follow what you’re interested in

9. Don’t swear

10. Write a Bio

11. Don’t twitter stalk your favorite celeb

12. Don’t tweet excessively

13. Spell right, and use proper grammar

14. Short tweets are better

15. Don’t talk about seeing unless you show it

What is a great tweet??

Step One-

Positivity is huge. No one wants to read something sad and depressing. If they do than you have got to change your followers.

Step Two-

A great tweet is one your audience can relate to! You don’t want to post something no but you will understand. That’s why you should always know your audience. Knowing your audience also allows for a more personal approach as well.

Step Three-

Okay, after Robin Williams died no one wanted to talk about it right away. Posting about him was a huge no go do to the timing. You should only post RIP and nothing more. You need to be aware of your timing before you post something or you could be offending some people.

Why is one Tweet better than another?

It’s all based upon your followers! If your followers don’t like it then it’s no good. It needs good structure and wording as well. You only have so many characters to write in. Make your tweet small.
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How do we judge tweets?

We judge tweets by how it’s laid out and the content written.
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The Formula

Positive + Know your Audience + Timing + Sensible Hash tags = Good Tweet