Leap Into Literacy Grade 3



Cultivating kindness in our classrooms is an important part of building community. Bullying is at an all time high in our schools. The following titles are all picture books appropriate for all ages. The books are recommended by Lori Sabo of the Two Sisters Publication.

Piper by Emma Chichester Clark

It’s about a sweet dog who runs away from his cruel master who will not take care of the bunnies in his yard. It inspires kids to stick with their beliefs even it means doing something difficult.

The Orange Shoes by Trinka Hakes Noble

Is about a little girl who lives in complete poverty. The students in her class are cruel and judgmental. She realizes she is enough the way she is, and the love of her family gets her through difficult times at her school.

Four Feet, Two Sandals by Karen Lynn Williams & Khadra Mohammed

This is the story of two girls who live in a refugee camp in Pakistan. Aid workers bring supplies and they find one pair of sandals that they must both share. It shows the courage and faith refugees have to face in their daily lives.

The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig

A little boy feels invisible to everyone of his peers at school. A new student is kind to him, and it makes him come alive through kindness.

Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson

A classic book about a little girl who is a victim of bullying in her classroom. Her teacher shares a story about how even the smallest random act of kindness can impact a person’s life.

Reading Workshop - Keep the Read Aloud Going during the Nonfiction Unit!

The nonfiction units do not have a read aloud schedule like their fiction counterparts. Throughout Unit 2, Reading to Learn, nonfiction texts are used as demonstration texts during the minilesson. One way to keep the read aloud going is to read the nonfiction texts ahead of time so that students are familiar with the text read aloud during the minilesson. This is also a great opportunity to continue to work on the strategies that students are exposed to throughout the unit. A sample Read Aloud Pacing Guide for Unit 2, Reading to Learn has been created for you.

Visit A Reading or Writing Lab Site

Please remember that we continue to support your visitation to your colleagues' classrooms through our reading and writing lab sites. If you would like to visit a colleague, just reach out to your building's RDT. Think about an area of focus for your visit in order to make your time in your colleague's classroom meaningful and purposeful.

Happy Visiting!