Careers With Chemisty


Job Description

A Pyrotechnic can work on films, stage shows, television and almost any other event that involves lights, fireworks, smoke devices, or music. They 'bump in', setup the equipment for the show and then 'bump out'.

Education / Training

There are no formal degree programs for the Pyrotechnic career. Instead, they learn through apprenticeships or; some states offer online training programs. Pyrotechnic apprentices are judged on safety practices, firework display performance, and a few other factors. The training required to become a pyrotechnic can take between 1 - 3 years. Pyrotechnicians need to be at least 18 years old to participate in fireworks and pyrotechnic crews; however, some states have a 21-year age minimum.

Hows does the Pyrotechnic career relate to what we are learning in Chemistry?

  • They need to know the correct and the right amounts of the elements to pack into fireworks.
  • They need to understand how to identify different materials so they don't accidentally put 2 materials that are super reactive to each other together.