The History of Women's Basketball

By:Coy Mason

It might seem weird that women didn't get to start playing the game of Basketball until the year after the sport was invented.But the girls thought that it wasn't fair that the men got to play and we didn't get to. So colleges made a way were men and girls get to play the same sports.

The main man who invented the sport of Basketball was James A. Naismith.Naismith invented the sport in 1891 and he penned first Basketball rulebook .Then he established the first basketball program at the University of Kansas.

Basketball became popular at your local YMCA when it was created.So then once people started to like it, then it started to spread to High school to College and then professional.

In April 24, 1996 the WNBA was created.The NBA help create the first women's NBA game ever made. Once it was announced girls started to work harder than ever. Sooner or later teams all over the county started to form from than on that's when it really began.

Girls Basketball has gone a long way since the start of Basketball. Now we have AAU leagues for younger ages as well as NCAA for College and many more.Basketball has lots of great opportunities. Would you pick it ?