Christians are followers By: Abbi kindseth P6

About Christians

Christians are followers to Christianity they believe in a monotheist god which means they believe in one God who is Jesus Christ. They attend church every Sunday which is their place of worship. Baptism is what they do to let you enter church which is when you are a baby you get water poured over your head and a prayer said to you and then you select your godparents and that excepts them into Heaven which is where you go to when you die. They have 2 very important dates to know is Christmas and Easter which Christmas is when they had Jesus birth and Easter is when Jesus has risen from the dead. They also have people who teach the readings of the Holy Bible which is there book that they follow and read a Priest or a pope are the ones who teach us about the readings. They view God as someone who created them in his image and who sent his only son down to die on the cross to save them all from going to the devil which means you will live in darkness. Some holy places that they have are Jerusalem and Bethlehem because Jerusalem is known for the birth place of Jesus Christ. We have many holidays but some traditions are advent in Christmas we light a candle every week representing one more week till the birth of Jesus and Lent that we give something up for 40 days and nights when Christ had nothing. Another holiday is Ash Wednesday when we get ashes placed on our forehead and also Good Friday when it is the Friday before Jesus's death. Another AMAZING holiday is Palm Sunday which is the Sunday before Easter and you go to church and you remember Christs journey through Jerusalem and when you go to church you get palms which are big leaves and you get them blessed.Christians believe in Sabbath which is there day of rest and they believe that they should not sin because that would be rewarding the devil which is where you go if you die and you and you don't believe. A very known religious figure besides God for all three religions is Abraham. Christianity is a great religion and very fun to learn and know about.