Symbol: ZK Atomic Mass:92 Kg

Physical Properties

  • Discovered by the Kybett Scientific Industry in Dallas, Texas. Physically can be identified with light brown hair and light brown eyes. Also, with characteristic freckles across the nose and the face. Surface is light caramel color.
  • Boils when people don't listen to the element.
  • Melts when there is chocolate in the room.
  • Can cause happiness when music is present.
  • Found in a variety of states:
  • Happy- in present of a new book
  • Sad- when the movie ends
  • Angry- when people change the elements surroundings

Chemical Properties


  • Is repelled by busy work.
  • Is attracted to funny videos
  • May explode if someone disturb the elements precious sleep
  • Requires copious amounts of humor and sarcasm
  • Is inert if found near coffee or tea with a good book
  • Is impervious to mean people
  • Will repel boring conversations