Glacier Bay National Park

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Please read these facts of Glacier Bay National Park


Ever imagined looking at the beautiful glaciers shimmering in the moonlight? Ever imagined sitting with family starring at the wonderful creations made by Mother Nature? Guess what, if you go to Glacier Bay National Park you can do and see all these things.


Did you know some history behind Glacier Bay National Park? If not here is some things to know. Glacier Bay is located 3000 C Street, Suite 101, Anchorage, AK 99503 , which is near Juneau, Alaska. Guess what! Glacier Bay National Park has been living since December 2, 1980! Who founded this breath taking park is the Tlingit Indians. When it was named a national park was 1980. This article was about the history of the alluring Glacier Bay National Park.

Nature and Wildlife

Did you know most of the beautiful things in Glacier Bay National Park? It is nature! The temperature for these living things to grow is about 20 degrees Celsius everyday! Wildlife in the area includes both grizzly and black bears, moose, Sitka black-tailed deer, mountain goats, Dall sheep, wolves, Canada lynx, sea otters, harbor seals, Steller sea lions, Pacific white-sided dolphins, orcas, mince whales, humpback whale, bald eagles, gulls, waterfowl, salmon, and lots more! Glacier Bay is know for there 22 glaciers. This is the wildlife of this outstanding park.

Fun Facts

Did you know these things about Glacier Bay National Park? When your there, you can have loads of fun.To think of what your going to be able to do. Glacier Bay has 1,012,837 acres of land! That’s a lot of land for one national park. That would a lot of walking! When you are there you can hike, boat, go rafting, fishing, and maybe hunt! Must be a very pretty scenery. Guess what, it's hilly and has lots of mountains and glaciers. Must be good for climbing. This would be the fascinating fun facts about Glacier Bay National Park.


One day when there was two glaciers named Gloria and Griffin. One day Gloria decided that she wanted to be seen to the world. Griffin begged her to stay because the sun would melt her but she said that she was foolish and would prove him wrong. The next day as she packed up, Griffin begged her one last time, but again she refused. A week later Grace the glacier passed the news that Gloria had melted into water. Griffin had an okay life after that but he still had a hole in his heart for his love.

Glacier with Penguins

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Glacier Bay's Montains

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