this was designed to "encourage" the Jews to leave...

KRIHS tahl nahkt»,

Kristallnacht is a German word....

Question 1

Tell me why it was also referred to as "The Night of the Broken Glass????"
This is why...

It is referred to as the night of the broken glass because Nazis shattered the windows and glass was in the streets of many Jewish owned stores.


Wednesday, Nov. 9th 1932 at 12:30pm


  • Kristallnacht is a very heart breaking time(just the same of the hallocaust)
  • 30,000 Jews were enslaved & over 100 were killed

Question 2

Describe why was it a pogrom and why not just be one fire????
This is why...

The Nazis persecuted Jews for years. They also wanted the Jews to suffer and lastly they wanted revenge.

Question 3

Explain why they chose to arrest and incarcerated, and not just kill them???????

This is why......

They want the Jews to suffer and be enslaved. Hitler wanted slaves to do all the heavy work instead of the Nazis having to do it. So what i'm trying to say is that they didn't want to kill them they wanted to use them.

Gist of the Video

A 74 anniversary for Kristallnacht (The Night Of The Broken Glass) has appeared on the CBS News...

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