Titanic crashes into iceberg


Rich vs. Poor

I chose the theme Rich vs. Poor because what I was trying to say is when the Titanic sunk, the rich people got to get saved on lifeboats first and then only some poor people got saved. It makes me really sad because I think everybody is equal and the rich people shouldn't be the only ones getting the first spot getting saved. This is my feelings. "If it becomes at all doughtful let me know at once; I will be just inside," Captain Smith said. This quote was saying that Captain Smith would go down with the ship if the ship did go down. "We were all filled with the joy of living," said a passenger named May. This means that whatever happens, she had a great time and a great life she doesn't regret.

Must Read this Book!!!

History that will never be forgotten

One event that happened in the book that everybody should know was when the titanic crashed into an iceberg causing it to sink. My book doesn't exactly have main characters it is more of the important passengers talking alittle bit about the titanic. One main character is Captain Smith because he was the captain of the titanic and it is said that the passengers would not go on the titanic without the captain being Captain Smith. That just says how important he was.

Deborah Hopkinson

Deborah Hopkinson is a great author. She has two books that won awards, they are called "Sweet Clara," and "The Freedom Quilt." Which was a winner of the 1994 International Reading Association Award. Deborah lives near Portland, Oregon, where she serves as Vice President for Advancement for the Pacific Northwest College of Art. I really enjoyed this book by her.