Self harm

🚫-no bullying-🚫


Bullying can cause self harm to many people or students who have problems with depression not only depression causes self harm. Bullying is when another human being is being aggressive to another human. Many bullies bully because they got bullied before and they just want to get their anger out therefore they did self harm to get over it but many people who get bullied have other stuff going not only do they might get bullied but they also may have problems at home or family etc causing self harm.

Being Abused

Being abused can cause self harm as well there is many types with being abused. One of them is when someone older than you starts touching your parts whether you are sleeping or being forced. Second of them is when you are being forced to do something with your body whether you like it or not. The third reason that can cause self harm is because the other human that is abusing you thinks he/she has the rights and the control over you or anyone. STOP ABUSE.

Cyber Bully

Cyber bullying is one of the main reasons many people do self harm and it really don't matter what is your age you still get bullied online. Being bullied online can cause many causes including self harm, suicide, running away, depression, etc. Many people think they're being honest with you but some people can take it the wrong way or many people can take as an insult. Many people these day in social media can be very rude with their "To Be Rude" which they think that they're just being honest.