Emigrate to Minnesota!!


YOUR CHILDREN CAN GET AN EDUCATION!!! Harriet Bishop teaches at a school house in St. Paul. EASY TRANSPORTATION!!! Many lakes and rivers for transportation. GREAT AGRICULTURE! The land is full of minerals that are great for farming. NO AGUE AND FEVER! No mosquitos to bite and get you sick. Why wouldn't you want to live in a wonderful place like this?

Great People

Everyone is kind and thankful for how lucky they are! You are not judged for how much money you have, in fact there are no banks. Everyone sticks together and considers everyone as family.
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Clothes are very comfortable. Womans' clothes are very loose and comfy. Mens' clothes are just the same.


Most transportation is by steamboat. Other forms of transportation are horse back, ox cart, train, and wagon. The fastest one of those is steamboat.