Book Club for Ballers

Because Reading is FUNdamental!

Brace Yourself - Book Club is Here!

Book Lovers...

It only took a few months, but the first ever DC Babes and Ballers Inaugural Book Club meeting is happening! There will be reading, fighting, love-making, crying, and drinking.

The Inaugural Book Club will be a chance to hang and rejoice as the first book is revealed.

Book Club for Ballers

Sunday, June 16th, 6pm

3173 18th St NW

Washington, DC

NOTE: As per your wishes, Book Club will be happening on Saturdays circa 5:30/6pm. However, due to some scheduling conflicts, the first session will be on Sunday.


  • Welcoming Speech and Ceremonial Blessing with Wine
  • Introductions/Forced Bonding
  • BOOK 1 REVEAL! - Alma will be picking the first book b/c it's her book club and I do what I want so Deal.With.It. (Everyone will get a turn to pick a book so calm yourself.)

Important things you need to know:

  • We'll attempt to have book club every 2 weeks, on Sundays. We can switch things up as we need to.
  • Everyone gets a turn. When it's your turn, you pick 3 books, and we vote on the one we all want to read. YAY democracy!
  • Book club is nothing without snacks and booze - I'll have some wine and cheese for the first one, but feel free to bring additional delicious things!