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August 5, 2014

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Faculty Contacts

Have a question for your teacher? Visit our Faculty Contact Page for a listing of teacher emails.

First Week Reminders

Class fees are due September 5th: Visit to purchase class fees, lockers, parking permits and more! It's easy to use. You don't even have to create an account. Just scroll to the bottom and use guest login by selecting Hazel Green High School from the drop down menu. Find your item and check out. You will get a confirmation email, the bookkeeper will get a verification email for the purchase, and the sponsor will get a verification email. No more long lines and special trips to the school!

Parking Permits:
Parking Permit Applications are online! They must be signed by a parent. Pay ahead of time with and show your receipt to Mrs. Weir. No student will allowed to park tomorrow without a permit.

Car Riders
: Our traffic plan will remain the same as last year. All high school traffic can either enter the front of the school from Hwy 231-431 or use Bullard Drive. I encourage parents dropping off students to use the Hwy 231-431 entrance and the student drivers to use Bullard Drive entrance. The traffic on the north side of campus is one-way both directions in the morning. The north side road is two-way traffic in the afternoon. For the safety of our students, we lock the gates on Bullard Drive and behind the football concession stand around 8:45 a.m. each day. All traffic during the school day must enter from Hwy. 231-431. We will unlock the Bullard Drive gate and the gate behind the football concession stand around 2:00 p.m. to allow the elementary traffic to use these entrances.

  • Morning drop-off: Parents please use the car line drop off area to drop off their student. Dropping students off in front of the school, in the student parking lot in the aisles, Woolley gym area, bus parking lot, and teacher parking lot is not allowed.

  • Afternoon pick-up: There are only two locations to pick up students in the afternoon. These locations are in the car line or, if you can find a vacant parking space to pull in to. Students are not allowed to be picked up in the front of the school, in the student parking lot in the aisles, Woolley gym area, bus parking lot, and teacher parking lot. Students that are picked up in the incorrect areas will be disciplined.

Dress Code: Here are some pictures and examples with the intent to assist parents as they purchase school clothing over the summer. I have included some other items that I have found helpful for parents and students. Our students do an outstanding job meeting these expectations.

Auburn College of Agriculture Recruitment Events

Auburn University College of Agriculture offers lots of opportunities to connect with high school students. For information on how to register for these events, please visit . If you have any questions, please contact Amanda L. Martin, Student Recruitment & Alumni Relations Coordinator at or 334-844-8900

Ag Discovery Day (September 13th)
- Offers adults and children entertaining and enlightening hands-on activities and presentations that will showcase agricultural technology and illustrate the key role agriculture plays in every aspect of our lives.

Ag Roundup & Homecoming Football Game (September 27th) - Order your football tickets in our block and get into Ag Roundup Free! Tickets are $45 and all proceeds from the event go to scholarships for College of Agriculture Students. Tickets for Ag Roundup without the football tickets are $5. (Ticket Orders Due by September 4th)

Exploring Agriculture Through Science & Technology at Huntsville Botanical Garden (October 7th) - Spend a day in the garden! This event includes a scavenger hunt, luncheon and presentations from faculty about opportunities in the COA. Visit for more information.

Leadership Conference (October 22nd) - Register to participate in a leadership conference led by our Ag Ambassadors and faculty—Cost is $25 and includes a t-shirt, lunch, workshops and tours on campus.

Ag Elite (December 3rd) - Campus reception to celebrate high achieving minority students—students can sit in on a class, meet with faculty, apply for a scholarship opportunity and learn more about majors in the COA.

Tiger Fridays on Ag Hill (Fridays in the Fall) - Visit us on a Friday afternoon for a College of Agriculture presentation, tour of Ag Hill and personal meeting with a faculty member.

Ag in the Park (March/April) - Attend lunch and a recruitment program before an Auburn baseball game.

College of Agriculture Open House (April) - Friday of A-Day weekend—Students sit in on mock classes, participate in a departmental browse and visit with current students.

Nossi College of Art Open House

Nossi College of Art Open House and Senior Show. Talk to students about their work, discuss classes with teachers and tour Nossi’s new campus - designed specifically for creative artists. Learn about how a degree in commercial photography, videography, interactive graphic design and illustration can show you how to succeed in this competitive industry. RSVP online.

Current Announcements

HGHS has a new phone number! Our main phone number has changed to 256-851-3220 and our fax is now 256-851-3221.

Mrs. Bastin and Mrs. Aguirre-Cantrell will be travelling with students and parents from Hazel Green High School on an EF Educational Tour to Turkey, Greece, and Italy in the Summer of 2016. We are excited to begin planning for this trip. To view the full itinerary, enroll, or take advantage of early pricing, please visit the tour's website at . For any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming trip, please feel free to email Mrs. Aguirre-Cantrell at .

Athletic Physicals - The sports medicine physicians of TOC Sports, along with the Athletic Trainers from Huntsville Hospital Sports Center are administering city-wide physical exams.
Date: SATURDAY Aug. 9th
Time: 8-10AM
Location: D1 Sports Training Facility (Jones Valley)
Cost: $10/athlete

We will be holding our baseball tryout
for the 2014-2015 season, starting the first week of school. This tryout will start August 5th and run through August 9th. These will be held after school starting at 4pm each day. If you play football and are interested in trying out please let me know and we will make arrangements.

Softball tryouts
are August 11-15 from 6:00-8:00 p.m.. Meet at the softball field. All players trying must have a current physical and a waiver in order to tryout. NO PLAYER WILL BE ALLOWED TO TRYOUT WITHOUT PROPER PAPERWORK!!

Special Programs

Red Cross Youth Leadership Committee - The American Red Cross of North Central Alabama is now accepting applications for the 2014-2015 Youth Leadership Committee. The committee is made up of select high school students living in Madison County and Limestone County who engage in leadership development through the planning and implementation of community service activities and events to further the mission of the American Red Cross. The Youth Leadership Committee is open to high school students (14-18) living in Madison County and Limestone County who are passionate about helping others and developing leadership skills. Members must complete an online application and have parental/guardian permission to participate. To join, complete an application online by visiting

Dates to Remember

August 5 - First day of School
August 21 - Three Week Progress Report
September 5 - Class Fees Dues
September 11 - Six Week Progress Report
September 26 - Teacher Staff Development (1/2 Day for Students)
October 6-10 - Fall Break
October 16 - ACT PLAN Test (10th Grade)
October 16 - Report Cards

October 31 - Teacher Staff Development (1/2 Day for Students)

November 18 - December 18 - ACT End of Course Tests (English 10 & Algebra I)
November 26-28 - Thanksgiving Break
December 19-January 4 - Winter Break
February 13 - Teacher Staff Development (1/2 Day for Students)
April 17 - Teacher Staff Development (1/2 Day for Students)
April 28 - ACT Plus Writing (11th Grade)

May 20 - Graduation (3:00pm at VBC Arena)

Permanent Announcements

Positive and Productive Days - Visit to read Mr. Long's blog. Look for posts each week!

Procedure for Riding the Bus with a Friend
- Any student who plans to ride home on a bus with a friend or to another address should follow the procedures below. No student will be allowed to ride to a different address without verification of parent/guardian approval by a school official.

1. A parent/guardian note should be turned in before first block to the receptionist desk at the back of school. The note should contain the address and information for the bus driver and should include the date and a correct phone number for verification purposes.

2. Pick up the verified note from the receptionist during lunch.

3. Give the note to the bus driver when entering the bus at the end of the school day.

Juniors Have Free Access to ACT Online Prep - All juniors received a personal user name and password to the ACT Online Prep website. This is a great resource to be used in preparing for the ACT Plus Writing assessment which will be given to all of our juniors students on April 23 during school. All students are strongly encouraged to utilize this service provided to us. For more information, visit

First Priority/FCS
meets every Tuesday morning at 7: 20 in the Choir Room. All students are welcome to attend.

Parenting Assistance Line:
PAL is a service where anyone can call a toll free number 1-866-962-3030 and receive useful, practical information and assistance with developmental and parenting questions and concerns. Available 8:00am – 8:00pm (central time) Monday – Friday.

Going green at “the Green”. The Hazel Green High School Special Education Department needs your old cell phones and ink cartridges. Items to be recycled can be given to a Special Education teacher or left for collection at the office. Your support of our recycling fundraiser is greatly appreciated.

Reward Cards:
Parents/Students/Employees, please remember to use your reward cards when you visit Publix and Hazel Green Pharmacy. Every time you have them swipe your card, HGHS will receive a portion of the sale. If you need a reward card, just stop by the main office to pick one up.

Pay for your child’s meals from the convenience of your home or office 24/7

Click on the following link: .

Driver’s permit:
Students /Parents, remember to pick up the Student Enrollment Form before you go to get your permit. The driver’s license department will not allow you to take the test unless you have this form and it cannot be faxed after you get there. These forms are good for 10 days only.

Loyalty Reward Tags:
(Hazel Green Pharmacy Loyalty Key Tag Program) Parents/Students/Employees, please remember to use your loyalty key tag when you visit Hazel Green Pharmacy. Every time you purchase a Prescription/Gift/OTC have them swipe your tag. HGHS will receive a portion of the sale. If you need a loyalty key tag. Just stop by the main office to pick one up.

The special education department recycles the following items
. They can be working or non-working and can be dropped off at the front office or in room C-115: Cell Phones, Gold jewelry, Ink Jet Printer Cartridges, Laptops & Netbooks, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, GPS Devices, Radar Detectors, Kindle & Sony Book Readers

Online Payments
You may now pay fees and purchase tickets to sporting events online. Check out the EZ Ticket Live website. For fees, click here , and to purchase tickets click here .

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