By Josh

Before I was born!

When my sister found out I was going to be born, she went on msn messenger and told all her friends. This stared my digital dossier.

When I was born!

My mom made sure to take many pictures and send them to her friends and family. My sister again went on msn messenger to tell her friends the news.

As I got older

As I got older, started to use the computer. I use a typing software that helped me get used to typing. I would have to log in to get there which added to my digital dossier. In grade 5 I got my first smartphone. I did a lot of online games and I used google for projects. A year later I I was allowed to use social media. I got Instagram, Vine and made my own youtube account. I made sure I save my money when I got my first bank account for a PS4. Now I use social media at least half an hour a day. For now I guess that's the end of my digital dossier