The brain bugal

Friday 13,2235


The year is 2515 and the only thing that any one does these days is play games and hack and Sam Wilson goes even further on the hacking scale and when the government finds out Sam has to make a run for it will Sam be able to out run the government find out in Brain Jack.


The book was horrible so it didn't surprise me that the movie was.


Dear vienna

Dear Vienna I need help to help my friend Sam out run the government.

Dear girl IRS sound liektour friends and a lot of trouble and if your a good friend you should help and don't let her get caught by the GOVERNMENT

Feature article

During Brain Jack , they go through crazy adventures to keep from being hacked. At one point it got bad and everyone almost died in the building trying to keep from getting hacked. Sam and dodge stopped most of it . Vienne tried but they said sam needed to considering how much it took to get in the secret association. As they were stopping to hack..... Find out more in our movie coming out August 2016.
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