Creating a Container Home

Created by Elliot Franzke

Step 1:

I had to research different container homes around the world so I could get ideas about what to do in my container home. I had to choose one container home and draw it, so I could get a better perspective on what container homes look like.

Step 2:

After researching different container homes, I drew a buddle diagram. The bubble diagram shows me a rough sketch of what my container home is going to look like.
Big image

Step 3:

After creating the bubble diagram, I had to create a neater and nicer drawing. This new drawing is to scale and resembles the bubble diagram
Big image

Step 4:

After creating the nicer diagram, I then needed to create a 3d model of my container home on sketch up. This 3d model will just be the outline of my container home, it will not have windows, doors, and other thing often found in a house

Step 5:

The next step after the 3d model is to create floor diagrams, elevations, and a site plan for my container home. These three diagrams show how my house will look like, where different rooms are located inside the house and any vegetation that is outside the house.

Step 6:

After creating the three diagrams, I then needed to create my container home in Sketch up. This is the last step in finishing my container home. In this step, I created a 3d model of my home and added details. I added doors, windows, cabinets, sinks, toilets. showers, and other items you would find in a home.

Location Of My Container Home

My container home would be located in a small town by a creek. I like small towns and I like creeks, they are peaceful. My home would also have big trees that give off lots of shade. I picked a small town and not a city because small towns are enjoyable, they are not in a big rush like city's but they are quit and peaceful.


I liked this project, it was challenging but not too challenging to where it wasn't fun. It was cool to see my house start as a little drawing and then go to a 3d model. My least favorite part of the project was the navigating on sketch up. I could not figure out how to do it and it was very frustrating but overall, this project was a fun one.