Global Warming Or Nah

Asa ,Desiree, Nathaniel, and Jonathan

What Global Warming Is

So the key question if you are on this page is 'what is global warming?'. Global warming is what happens when the temperature of the earth increases. This temperature increase is something that happens naturally, although it is also contributed to by human activity. The natural process that leads to global warming is called 'the greenhouse effect' and this is where gases in the atmosphere such as methane and carbon dioxide build up and retain heat from the sun in the atmosphere, therefore increasing the overall temperature of the earth. This process is called the greenhouse effect and is necessary for the survival of all life on our planet. Due to a larger increase of average global temperatures people are pointing at human activity for speeding up this process to a degree that is deemed unsafe, evidence of this is the melting of the polar icecaps and subsequent rises in sea levels. The gases in question are produced naturally but also by humans too, the big question is how much effect the amount that humans create has had already and will have in the future

Debate On Warming

As we have explained above when talking about what global warming is, the cause of global warming is both natural and man-made, ideally plants and animals would release and regulate a sufficient amount of these natural gases to keep the climate at a sufficient temperature. However, man has interfered here by taking away plants and trees and adding factories and machinery that adds more of the gases that cause global warming. So this means that there are less plants and trees to regulate the gases but more of the gases to regulate! With this in mind it is hard to believe that mankind does not significantly contribute to the global warming issue.

Dealing with global warming means that we have to stop waste, and if you travel for no reason whatsoever, that is a waste.

David Attenborough

"Global warming is a largely natural phenomenon. The world is wasting stupendous amounts ofmoney on trying to fix something that can’t be fixed."
David Bellamy

Man Vs. Nature

It's not at the fault of man but it is infact speeding up the process of global warming making it seem as if we are at fault.

Our Opinion

The greenhouse effect that causes global warming is something that would happen naturally, with or without human contribution. However, the issue of global warming is the fact that it is being accelerated due to human activity, making a safe and natural occurrence a major problem. Lots of people ask whether it is possible to prevent global warming, and the answer is 'yes', although prevention is essentially only slowing it down so that the effects of global warming are not destroying our planet.Major changes that could prevent global warming are reducing the burning of fossil fuels and stopping deforestation, but these are things that the average person has no control over. This is why on this page we are going to talk about what people can do to stop global warming, and by people we mean the average Joe like you and me.Some people might take the negative attitude and think that a few small changes in their every day life is not going to help the global warming issue, but the fact is if thousands of people were just to make one small change, that ends up adding to a much a bigger impact right? One person cheering on a football team doesn't make much noise, but a football stadium packed with fans makes a sound that can be heard a long way off.