I am Number 4 By: Pitticus Lore

Caroline Rusch

What it is about

The book I am Number 4 by Pittacus Lore is about this extraordinary boy named John Smith. Him and 8 other people came down from a planet around 3X smaller than earth called Lorin. They each have a care taker and John's is Henri. In this book John receives his legacy quite early in the book- which is the legacy of running fast (all of them have it) he also has the legacy of shinning lights out of his hands. Later in the book he meets up with number 6 and they end up running into trouble. You will have to read the book to see what happens!
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The characters

In the book I am Number 4 there are 6 main characters, one including a dog named Bernie Kosar. The first main character is John Smith. He is a 15 year old boy who came down from the planet Lorin. He gets his legacies in the book and uses them to fight of the Mogadorians later in the book. The next main character is John's caretaker- Henri. Henri is John's capen and has to protect John with his life. Later in the book (spoiler) Henri ends up dying trying to protect them. Then next one is Sarah Hart. Sarah is John's girlfriend and ends up finding out John's big secret. John is surprised because she didn't freak out or anything. She ends up keeping the secret and when they have to fight of the Mogadorians- she even tries to help. Another is Mark James. He is the school bully and ends up bulling John every chance he gets. He used to be Sarah ex so he is really jealous. He ends up helping fighting of the Mogadorians and keeps John's secret. One other main character is John's best friend- Sam Goode. John accidentally exposes his legacy in front of him so he has to lie and say that it was gloves making the light- not his hands. He ends up saying that he was really a alain and in the second book sam comes with him and six because he knows his secret. The last character is his dog Bernie Kosar. BK ends up being the animal that comes with every child that went to earth- but I forgot their name. When they have to fight of the Mondorians BK switches into a huge animal thing and kills a lot of the Mondorains. Oh yeah- did I mention that he can change different animals- so he has been with John his entire life, without him knowing.
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