IMLEA Back to School Part Deux

August 19, 2020

You Can Vote: Who Should Win the $2500?

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Here are the finalists for AMLE's Innovation Challenge. You can watch their videos, vote for your favorite, and see the timeline here. You might even get some ideas for a project you would like to tackle! The winner will be announced at AMLE's virtual conference in October. Voting ends this Friday, August 21.

Reminder: There is currently a discount for individual schools or districts for dual membership to AMLE and IMLEA. AMLE members will receive a discounted registration fee for the October conference (code A20IMLEA25)

Some Schools Have Returned in Person or Hybrid. How Can You Make it as Engaging as Usual, Socially Distanced? Katie has Answers!

Katie Powell from Southmont Junior High has returned to school in hybrid mode. She has created this post that combines her boredom busters with in-person and remote teaching. You can also follow her on twitter to see some of the strategies she has used so far this year, or visit her website where she shares even more activities, many of which are featured in her book.

Tips for Hybrid Teaching at the Secondary Level

Last week we featured Nadine Gilkison's Teaching Digitally Resource Guide; this week we have another great resource from Franklin Township that is geared more toward secondary. Kara Atkinson has created this PD guide for hybrid learning that includes how to plan, assignments in Canvas, hyperdocs and ideas from several teachers at Franklin Central. They started the year in hybrid mode.

More Beginning of the Year Resources

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Matt Miller's list of 50 back to school activities has grown to 75 activities for the remote learning classroom. If you'd like to take a deep dive into his ideas, he also has a free course, "Remote Learning 101" that is self-paced. He is also included in many of the Global EdTech events (also mentioned below), including some office hours where you can drop in and ask him questions. And, he has just released a "Remote Learning Checklist."

Free Preview of an Upcoming Book

Emma Pass is an ELA teacher at a Colorado school that is hybrid under "normal" conditions. She was contacted about writing a book about her experiences that was to be published next year. When she realized that so many teachers and students would benefit now, she arranged to have part of it released early. You can download it for free here.

You can see an archived webinar with Emma (and several others) from Apple's recent "Anywhere School" conference.

Digital First Week of School with Stations

This idea was created by Angelina Murphy, a high school teacher in LA, who shared it as a twitter thread and shareable google slide presentation. It can be used synchronously or asynchronously ( I do like "live" and "on demand") Copy the presentation and make changes as you see fit.

What If We Used "Kid" Language? Synchronous Classes = "Live" Asynchronous = "On Demand"

Put AR/VR in Students' Hands for Free with MERGE

A few years ago, teachers created a run on Merge Cubes when it was shared that they were only $1 at Wal-Mart. Then the question was: "Now, what do I do with it?" Merge has always had free 3D resources on their site, and have made more available during this time. You can even have students print out one on paper, (part of this Wakelet) or send the template home in packets. There is a free webinar with Jaime Donally, the guru of AR/VR for schools, on Thursday. (A recorded webinar with Leslie Fisher is available through Thursday as well.) The photo at right is a virtual frog I was dissecting during a webinar.
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Educators: Enter the Horace Mann Giveaways

Horace Mann has been a major sponsor of IMLEA for several years. Currently their national office is running prize giveaways. Enter here for a chance to win a Target card or prize package.

News from INSPIRE3

Highlights included in this INSPIRE3 Update for 8/17/20. Thank You for sharing this Update with your staff and colleagues as these resources are beneficial in service-learning planning for in-school and/or virtual instruction for the 20-21 school year.

  • New Spotlight on Service-Learning article Service Learning BLENDS into VIRTUALLY Everything!”
  • Tutorials and PowerPoints on our Digital Resource page -Learn more about all the free online resources available to use in-class or virtually and how SL connects to ALL content areas and many types of engaged teaching/learning strategies.
  • Specific LTG units, lessons, articles and resources to guide instruction and discussions with students

  • Free LTG Professional Development online mini-courses

  • Planning for 20-21 - LTG Calendar

  • generationOn website free service/service-learning resources for teachers, students, and parents
  • INPSIRE3 mini-grants available for 1st semester of 20-21
  • Visit our INSPIRE3 page on the IMLEA website HERE and the IASP website HERE and Connect
  • INSPIRE3 Program Update
  • Contact information for free assistance
  • Thank You Very Much for sharing our updates and web page with your staff and colleagues

Closing Note...

We know there are many materials relating to the beginning of school and remote learning, and hope you will find that these "quick hits" will be of use to you. We try to include the best of the best we encounter. You can access past newsletters via this link on our webpage, and you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Principals and others: Feel free to forward this newsletter to your staff, and email us at any time.