american revilution project

for socials studies 9 by sam hardham

activity 1 important people events of american revilution

george washington

George Washington is a good president the is also known as the founding father of the country, George Washington as also the first president of the united states. he is a skilled fighter and has fought in many battles

sons of liberty

the sons of libertys main members are sam adams and john handcock, the sons of liberty fought the stamp act and fought many triditions that the british set. the sons of liberty were in a secret orgonization made by the 13 colonies to protect the colonistest an fight the british.

benjamain franklen

inventor, scientist, diplomat, printer, and pollination he is one of the most celebrated founding fathers he enjoined his success of being an inventor. he also helped draft both the declaration and the constitution to the united states

thomas jefferson

3rd official president of the united states leading figure for freedom in america he also developed america becoming a strong independent nation. freedom adviser and devotee into the nation

john adams

2nd official president of the united states. he also wrote the Massachusetts constitution. he signed the deceleration of Independence. promoted separation from British control. he signed a peace treaty with great Britin. Also a founding father of the united states.

boston massacre

in 1763 great Britain won against the French and Indian war in north america. the war left Britain with a saddle full of crushing dept and the taxes faced opposition

boston tea party

on december 16,1773 as many as 5,100 people crowded into the boston meetings house to protest against british apparitions. many merchant ships were attacked in the harbor. the colonists duped a lot of tea into the harber to show that they have had enough.

stamp act

in 1765 a new tax was made for services. britan was in dept and needed money, the tax led to anger and mob violence. the tax was also put their because it paid for some of the 7 year war.

intolorable acts

series of laws set by the british parliment in 1774. it was made to punish the colonistists for throwing vast amount of tea into the bostin harbor (also known as the bostin tea party)

qubect act

also known as the british north america act. the pourpose was to take over the indian reservoir, the prodistent faith was not allowed their so they tried to change that. french was the official language in Quebec. the 13 colonies were mad because they won the war but the french still got their land.

imige depending the strugle for indipendance

the boston tea party

activity two -8 major battles

battle of qubec 1755/31/12

the battle was between the U.S. and the Canadian in regiment and British and also the Provence of Quebec. the U.S. army was led by Richard Montgomery and the british was lead by guy Carlton. this battle was the big first big loss for the americans and general Richard Montgomery was killed in battle by the british. more than 400 people were captured by the british

battle of long island 1776/27/08

the battle was between the british and U.S.A. the U.S. was lead by George Washington and the british were lead by William hall. the british out numbered the u.s. and capured 1000 prisnors, wounded 700 and killed 300. this battle showed who owned new york the british won in the end in new york state.

battle of harlem heights 1776/16/09

the battle was between the u.s. and britan the leader of the u.s. army was George Washington, the british leaders were alexander Leslie and William hall. the battle took place in harlem, now known as new york. the british had 5000 warriors and the u.s. army only had 1800. but the british made a tactical error and made the u.s. army angry so they fough as hard as they could ending in the u.s. coming out victorious

battle of prrinceton 1777/3/01

this battle was between George Washington's revolutionary forces and the british army. the americans attacked the british in Princeton and George Washington led the attack on general mahoud. the british lost and fled to trenton. that was the last battle of George Washington's new Jersey campaign.

battle of statn island 1777/22/08

this battle was a raid led by major ganril john suliven against the forces of staten island. the battle began after the british sailed most of their army from new York to staten island. the americans saw that the british were venerable so the planned an attack on the

battle of saint luchia 1778/15/12

this battle was between the french and the british. admiral berington was the leader for the british took a defensive strategy against the french. admiral d'est aing was the leader of the french army and attacked from the rear. after 3 assaults the french could not break the british line so the french surrendered on december 28 1778

battle of delaweare bay 1782/8/04

this battle was between great britin and the u.s. 3 british vessels attacked an american fleet in the Delaware bay. the british did a sneak attack on the americans. the americans pretended to retreat to shallower water to draw the enemy in. the americans ended up winning.

battle of cubalore 1783/80/06

this battle was fought between a british fleet and a smaller french fleet by the coast of india. this was the final battle for the american revolutionary war. the british fleet was lead by sir Edward hudges and the french flet was lead be bailli de surfron. the battle lasted 3 the end the french won but lost of their warriors in the battle.

activity three- outcome of american revilution

-the american revolution strengthened the economy through the war but put the U.S. in serious dept.

-it showed the world that the english army was not as incredible as it seemed to be or as people heard.

-it inspired other countries to start revelations, like France and Ireland and make other countries aware that they didn't want any more war.

activity 4 was the american revilution justified or not

the american revolution was justified because the 13 colonies didn't want war and death but just wanted independence and freedom from Britain. the 13 colonies was mostly filled with british puritans who wanted independence from great Britain. Britain wanted to make them pay more than what the paid in Britain to try and make them come back.the british king put taxes on everything that the americans had making it imposible to live their. when the british sent over a boat full of tea that was taxed very well, to get back at the kin the Americans dumped all the tea into the harbor to show that they have had enough of that BS that was also known as the boston tea party.the americans and the british had a giant war to see if the americans earned their freedom and independence. the american won the war and along with it they won their independence

imige depicting the americans new found indipendence


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