Baking and Nursing

Enjoying doing something with your hands & use your brain.

Enjoying making food while being a nurse

My father got me in the medical field because he use to be a doctor and learning medical stuff has always been interesting for me. I got myself interested in baking from watching so many baking videos on YouTube. I have enjoyed my interest every since I was little and baking when I could do stuff in the kitchen. I really like baking because I can clean something and decorate it while using different kind of flavor and designs. What I enjoy of nursing is learning new things about our bodies, the way they functions and why we can get sick. What I have accomplished win medical field is that I can take a class in high school that will teach me what I'm interested and I love going to that class, same with baking I can take a class in high school that can open my mind even more.

The person that shares the most things I enjoy is Becky Sunseri, executive pastry chef

Becky works in a place where they make deserts and mostly ice cream. She enjoys her job ever since she was little she even created an ice cream recipe. She was able to ignore the "noise" she had and followed her dream even though she didn't find her career she was interested in her first college, she never gave up to looks for it somewhere else.

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How can you relate medicine with baking?

How can you find a career that fits these two things?