The Soul surfer

by: Bethany Hamilton


This book is about A girl that lives on Hawaii and is home school.everyone in her family is big into surfing or once was. She goes surfing about every day with her was halloween morning and Bethany and her friend swim out to go catch some waves.there weren't many waves breaking so they just sat out in the water. When they were sitting there a shark came and bit Bethany's arm off. She swam to shore and got help and then went to the hospital. She had surgery and was in the hospital for a few weeks. She finally went home and she was offered jobs like photography sense she wanted to stay around surfing but probably couldn't surf since she had one arm. Once here arm hield all the way she tried surfing again and it was hard at first but eventually she got up. After lots of practice she started joining tournaments again and one a few. She eventually won the 2005 national scholastic surfing association and became a pro surfer like she always wanted to be.


I chose this book because I love to surf. My favorite part of the book occurred when she got up for the first time with one arm. In my opinion the book is a great book and very inspirational. Some reasons I liked the book are, I love to surf just like her. She kept going even though it was hard. She didn't really care what people thought you can't change it so why worry? Overall I would rate the book four stars, because she wrote it herself and it was a hard time she went through. It felt like I was watching a movie in because I know how it is when you're surfing. I would recommend this book for middle and high school students.