Negative Effects on the Ocean

What Humans to Destroy and Help the Sea

Destruction of Ocean

For years humans have been damaging the sea by pollution. The pollution is caused by trash and waste being thrown into the ocean and water ways. Run off, oil, pesticides, and growth of cities have causing more of a mess with little help from them.

Clensing the Sea

A group called the ocean conservancy is spending most of their time cleaning the banks of the ocean just to keep it as clean as possible. thrash can compromise the health of humans if litter is not picked up.

Over Fishing

Over fishing is beginning to make the most fish go extinct. The extreme need is not necessary because most of the fish they catch will go rotten in stores and end up in the trash. not many people eat fish which means we are taking more than we can handle

Cleaning up Black Liquid

Lamor, a company that is committed to cleaning up oil in the ocean. Lamor sends people an machines to clean up the dark liquid. This company makes machines called skimmers which have the ability to separate oil from water.

Poisoned Water

Farmers are slowly beginning to cut down on pesticides because of the lethal poison is going down to our water ways. Another result is that it is also killing aquatic animals

Blinding the LIght

Fish farmers are over fertilizers for their ponds, this results in a lot of algae growth which covers the water, while the algae grows it takes up a lot of room which makes it hard for fish to find food which leads to death.