The Hobbit

Author: J.R.R. Tolkien/ By: Adam Conover


The book is about a relaxed and boring hobbit (a mini-sized human) named Bilbo Baggins. He is visited by an old wizard in grey named Gandalf, who brings along 12 dwarves to go on an adventure with. The only important one is Thorin the leader. Bilbo was hesitant to go, but ended up going anyway as the burglar, because he was a hobbit (inherit a quietness). The adventure was an attempt to take back the dwarves home, Erebor, which was taken by the dragon Smaug. The journey would be rough, going through high mountains, dark forests, and a vast lake. On there way to the mountain, they were captured by trolls and were saved by Gandalf turning them to stone.They found the cave the trolls lived in and Bilbo found a sword. When they reached the mountain, they walked the path and found a cave. The cave was a trap and they were captured by goblins, except Gandalf who then saved them with a blinding flash. They got their swords back in the blinding flash and fought there way out of the mountain, except Bilbo who was lost and on the ground found a golden ring so he took it. He found a creature named Gollum and played a game of riddles, if he lost he was dead and if he won Gollum told him the way out. Bilbo won but Gollum chased him for the ring and he put it on and disappeared. He escaped and found the others where they were ambushed by orcs. They escaped and went through the dark forest. They eventually got through and got to the mountain. The dragon attacked a nearby town and you should read the rest to hear the ending.


The smallest thing can make the biggest difference. Bilbo was first expected to be a disappointment. Throughout the novel Bilbo proves this to not be true. He killed beasts and stole treasure to live up to the burglar name. Bilbo talked to and insulted a dragon and survived, which shows he can do things many others can't.



The Hobbit is about a hobbit on an adventure, and wandering is an important part of that. Tolkien wrote, "Not all those that wander are lost" (Tolkien 54). This quote shows that adventuring is not a straight line. It's adventurous to stray off the path a little. The essence of adventure is important in this novel because that is what this book is about. One hobbit learning to become an adventurer at heart.