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Friday, January 15, 2016

Reading Celebration!

In second grade, as part of a Nonfiction Reading Celebration, students engaged in a museum walk across grade level to celebrate topics they felt passionately about. Through this activity, they grew their knowledge by engaging with multiple texts on a topic.

Mrs. McVerry is VERY Special!

Our very own Mrs. McVerry, CT PE Teacher of the Year, was honored at this week's Board of Education meeting. Ms. Botsford gave a glowing speech about Mrs. McVerry's many successes here in Region 15. We are very lucky to have her (and Mrs. Patterson) here at LMES!
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Cooperate and Collaborate

Every few weeks here at LMES we have a PAWS Focus, or positive behaviors that we are looking to spot and highlight. Next week, we will be looking for Cooperation and Collaboration. When we talk about Cooperation, we mean working together, listening to each other, compromising, speaking respectfully, sharing, staying on task, including everyone ideas and doing our best work. When we talk about Collaboration, we mean taking turns when speaking, active listening to others, adding our ideas to others' ideas and disagreeing respectfully. Please look for and acknowledge any of these wonderful behaviors at home with our students. Thank you!

Science and Music

This week, our LMES band and orchestra skills were combined with science concepts as the fifth graders applied what they learned about sound with what they have learned about their individual instruments. The students enjoyed playing for each other, and science never sounded so cool!

No School MLK Day for Students!

Monday, Jan. 18th, 9am-3:45pm

65 North Benson Road

Middlebury, CT

This coming Monday, January 18th, there will be no school for students!

Hefty Fine for Driving in Bus Lane!

Please follow all traffic laws when driving into and out of the LMES parking lot. Only buses and Region 15 vehicles are allowed to use the bus lane. If your car uses the bus lane while buses are there, you might be fined up to $760 per bus! LMES does have outdoor security cameras and police officers are regularly patrolling the parking lot, so stay safe!
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PTO Event: Principal Coffee and Conversation

Thursday, Jan. 21st, 7-8pm

65 North Benson Road

Middlebury, CT

Our focus for this event will be the work we have been doing at LMES towards building social learning and respecting each other.