Morning Affirmations

Remind yourself constantly!

1. Relax. Have Ease. Have Fun and Enjoy Life

Don't forget to live, this is Your Life! Live it the way its given to you!

2. Work at your own pace. You are the boss.

You control and manage yourself. Or you let others.

3. Make Things Happen

This is your chance to make a difference. Know who you are, your dreams, your goals, your mission. Make something happen!

4. Follow your Bliss

Follow your heart, your intuition, march to your drumbeat. Know deep down inside what is right and wrong for you. Answer to the call of your adventure.

5. Don't expect anything from anywhere except yourself.

Do something for the Love of it! Expect nothing from anyone. Always expect no. You can only expect something that comes from yourself!

6. Be Fearless

Be bold. Courageous. Show no fear. Be Confident in your own skin. Accept your own nature. Accept who you are, the good and bad. But fear not! Inspires other into action with your fearlessness.

7. Always be Shipping

Kill the resistance! Ship lousy, but ship often. Be indispensable, B a linchpin.

8. Do everything with love and care

Whatever you do, do it because you love it. Because you care. Put your heart and soul into it! People will love you for it, and appreciate it. But remember always to ship it!

9. Order and structure controls chaos

Having structure in your life brings out the creativity out of your chaos. It brings peace, smiles, happiness out of your interesting existence. :)

10. Love and prosperity mindset

Having an abundance mindset, happiness, prosperity and loving mindset give you the peace, sensibility, wisdom, and certainty to handle the adventurous facets of your life. Always forgive. Always be generous. Always share.


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AwesomenessFest : Costa Rica 2010
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