By: Leonardo

The History of Soccer

Soccer is one of the most famous and popular sport in all the whole world. It all started in China in the 2nd and 3rd century. But the modern soccer that we play right know started in England but they used the head of a human been as a soccer ball.
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Soccer characteristics

  • First played: 19 December 1863, Limes field, Morthlake, London, England
  • Team: 11 members including the goalie
  • Equipment: the uniform, cleats, leg protection.
  • Highest governing body: FIFA


The teams have to have 11 players in the field including the goalie. They also they get trained by their managers. They get practice for what their position is. Like the goalie he needs to stop the ball from entering the net so they need practice in their arms and need to have a lot of reflections like Manuel Neuer. Or like the striker he needs to try to make a goal in the enemies net so he would need practice in the legs and have speed to trasspas the defense and hit hard to make a goal

Soccer Equipment

Soccer need to have their equipment they need to have their uniform to know at what team they belong to. Also they need their soccer cleats to not slip and not fall. And their leg protection to not get hurt when someone else hits you.
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This leagues are made from soccer central government called FIFA. They a government that get to choose or decide which teams need to be. It's country has a league. Like Premier league or liga MLS
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World Cup

Each 4 years theirs a international tournament that is played. In a stadium that is chosen by the FIFA. The best players get to compete their. Not all players make to the World Cup only the best.Like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo but they each play in their international team.
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