Peruvian night monkey

Story from the endangered...

About me...

Hello I am the Peruvian night monkey also known as the Andean night monkey. I am a nocturnal new world monkey endemic to northern Peru. Adults like me weigh a little over 2 pounds and some of the tall night monkeys like me can measure up to 20 inches in length. I am a grey and light brown monkeys with white and black markings on my face and a orange chest. Listed as a vulnerable spevies by the IUCN me and my species are endangered yet still we are one of the lease known and possibly rarest neotropical primates.


Me and the rest of my species inhabit areas of cloud forest. Like most of our families we live in small groups of 2 to 6 I live with a group of 5 so comparably we live in a larger group. We generally eat leaf buds and insects.


Though not personally I have heard a some of our species being hunted and being traded as pets. We also must try to live in our little section we inhabit in south america with the constant growth of human population. I have countless time seen families inhabitants destructed by these humans. Humans title us endangered yet continue to destroy our homes? Besides humans there are other animals threatening us such as owls, snakes, and felids.

Who`s Going to Help?

Everyone talks of the group of humans that call themselves the Neotropical Primate Conservation but due to the fact that is an extremely long name they are just referred to as the NPC. They have been around and helping for no money and no profit since 2007 and even awarded the UK charity status in 2009. They protects all inhabitants of the Neotrpical forests and also promote land protection of these areas for public awareness and environmental education. The project La-Esparanza community conservation includes the creation of community run reserves to protect the Critically Endangered yellow tailed woolly monkey, and many sympatric species such as theAndean night monkey, long whiskered owlet, Spectacled Bear and royal sunangel. They aim for the creation of a network of institutions, communities and individuals who can help each other in undertaking conservation initiatives and to make this a publicly aware issue.
Feeding night monkeys at the Amazon Lodge