Ms. Kildal's School Scoop

March 14-18, 2016

This week in fourth grade...

Reading & Writing

Story : Various research books about whales

Genre: Nonfiction

Comprehension Skills: Writing facts in your own words, summarizing, generalizations

Vocabulary Strategy: Using Greek and Latin root words to discover the meaning of words

Writing: Whale research

Spelling Words: This week's words are whale-related!


2. fluke

3. dorsal

4. baleen

5. teeth

6. blowhole

7. calves

8. female

9. male

10. barnacles

11. blubber

12. mammal

13. migration

14. habitat

15. salmon

16. krill

17. Pacific Ocean

18. massive

19. marine

20. lagoon


blubber mammal migration habitat salmon

krill Pacific Ocean massive marine lagoon

echolocation communication migratory vocalization

spouting decibels enormous cetaceans aquatic intelligent



Unit: 7 Fractions

Skills Focus: Unit review and test this week

IXL Skills: R.7-R.11

iPads: Whale research on these websites: Brittanica, Enchanted Learning, Facts4Me

Science/Social Studies: Whale research, Northwest region

Other New & Events:

*Gator Party is on Friday! Kids may wear their pajamas as we watch the movie Mr. Popper's Penguins.

*Gleason Lake Carnival is this Friday!

*Whale Projects are due March 28. Kids may type their report at home or at school. Please remind your child to start typing by creating a document in Google Drive so that they can access it from home or at school.

*Please make sure you've signed up for your child's conference online.