Battle of Camden

By Jacqueline patterson


First the battle of Camden was one of the last british victories in the Revolutionary War . The battle toke place near Camden in North Carolina. Did you know the two generals of the battle of Camden were lord general Cornwallis and Horatio Gates . The the battle of

Camden was a military conflict between Great Britain and the thirteen colonies . This battle was so important because of the last british victory in the Revolutionary war .


Did you ever wonder about how they placed people in right places or what the battle of Camden was like ? Well first the battle of Camden was led from Horatio Gates and General Cornwallis. The battle of Camden was a british victory the Americans managed to fire one shot before they fled from the British, but Horatio Gates left his men at the battle of Camden while Horatio Gates rode on a horse going to Charlotte . The battle toke place at daybreak on narrow stretch of ground with swamps on both sides . Great Britians force had 2,100, 68 killed , 245 wounded ,and 11 captured. Americans force had 3,700 , 300 killed , 600 wounded , and 1,000 captured.


Have you ever wondered about the generals life and backround story ? Next , the lord Horatio Gates was born on July 26,1727 and died on April 10,1806 . Gates got buried at a trinity church the exact location unknown Horatio Gates allegiance was kingdom of Britain and United states of America. Gates had a grandson named William E. Gates. The general lord Cornwallis was on the britishs side but has very interesting facts on him. Lord Cornwallis died when he was 66 Cornwallis was born on December 31,1738 and died on October 5,1805 lord Cornwallis was buried at Ghazipur , India he did have one sibling William Cornwallis and also had a child called Charles Cornwallis 2nd marquess Cornwallis that is their backround of how they were to become a general.


The battle of Camden had lots of random and interesting facts about the battle of Camden . Lastly, the weather at the battle of Camden was 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit in the early 1778 the British decided to do a southern strategy . General sir Henry Clinton led a army of captured people of Charleston in South Carolina , Clinton returned to New York Cornwallis had the task to train the Southern soldiers (loyalists ). The continental army in the south surrended at charleston and driven away from South Carolina in May the 1780's battle of Waxhaws Americans have driven them away .Continental army began to reform at Charlotte under Horatio Gates " hero of Saratoga."


The battle of Camden was important even though people might think the Americans always win it was a British winning. The battle of Camden was a battle that was most interesting because of the way the battle toke place and the way the battle was like . The generals had a lot of facts about them before they went in battle . The battle of Camden was so unique and random because of the things that happened . Now you know more about the battle of Camden about the generals, what the battle was like , and extra information .

This is the Americans and Britishs

fighting waving their flag over

the battle of Camden.


The main place the battle of Camden toke place was South Carolina

traveling to De Kalb to get the people of Charleston on their side

and fighting with them against British soldiers at daybreak .

Glossary :

Conflict : a problem

Strategy : a careful plan to achieve a goal or something

Loyalists : a person that remains loyal to an government, leader , or political cause.

Military: soldiers or armed men of war .

Allegiance: loyalty to a person,country,or group.

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