Find Facts In All The Right Places

Let's locate facts in reference resources

Imagine finding this tree house in your back yard! It looks like a FUN place to play.

Look at the details in the painting carefully.

Fill in your answers on your paper.

# 1

Name three friends you would invite over to play? __________ ____________ ___________

Now imagine what it would look like before the tree house was built.

Study the details in the painting carefully.

# 2

On your paper name 4 things you would find buzzing, chirping, crawling and growing in your backyard? _________ _________ _________ __________

Next find a READING BUDDY and share the book UNDER ONE ROCK together.

  • Read the book together

  • Find a QUIET PLACE in the media center to share the book

  • YOU read a page then your BUDDY reads a page.

  • Notice details in the illustrations.

  • You will find a copy of the book on the media center tables

# 3

Think of one thing you saw in the book you want to know more about.

On your paper name your topic: ________________________

# 4

Write down 3 or 4 things you already know about your topic.
_________________ ______________ _________________ _______________

# 5

Name 3 or 4 things you want to know about your topic?
________ ________ ________ _______

Now the real fun begins!

Use these resources to learn more facts about your topic.

# 6

Look in each resource to discover facts about your topic.

Take your time and read carefully!

Write facts on your paper under the correct resource.

Now share what you have learned.

# 7

Using your written notes, plan out a paragraph about your topic.

Be sure to include an introduction - middle - ending .

Tell about what you learned.

While you are writing, use a dictionary for word meanings or a thesaurus for synonyms

You may use the computer link for the dictionary and thesaurus.


There is a printed dictionary and thesaurus on the tables.

Word Central - Dictionary and Thesaurus <<<<<< CLICK HERE

# 8

Add an illustration to your work.

Include a caption with the picture.

Practice sharing what you learned with a partner. Be ready to present what you learned to your classsmates.