iReboot Workshops in May and June

Bartending, Basic Photography, Copy-writing

Pursue your Dreams with iReboot

We all have a passion. What sets apart a dream from reality is pursuing that passion.
We bring to you a chance to live your passion, one per weekend! Come over to iReboot for a weekend, and who knows, your passion could be your next job!

Bar-tending workshop - May 25

Learn the tips and tricks to whip up cool summer cocktails. Create your own home bar or learn to become a professional bartender.
All in one evening.
Duration: 4 pm - 8 pm
Cost: Rs 3000/-
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Basic Photography - June 1 & 2.

A 2 day learning experience that takes you through camera technicalities, framing, composition and a lot more !

Duration: 10 am - 5 pm

Cost: Rs 4000/-

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Copy-Writing - June 8, 9

Groom your creative self and craft the art of creative communication! A 2 day workshop that teaches you how to churn out creative writing!
Duration: 10 am - 5 pm
Cost: Rs 3500/-

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