PXM Ixdo

February 2016

On my way home.

I am sitting in the transit napping area of KLIA2 reflecting upon Gxd's goodness, help, protection and blessing over the past 20+ nights, as I have been on the move city to city.

The story of the highlights is outlined below and a tribute to the prxyers of the faithful.


Working with Lydia was a pleasure [despite the fact she is in the first weeks of pregnancy] as we reviewed the year's outcomes based upon our 2015 goals. Self Drive City [SDC] by SDC have stepped up to the mark and started the process of Rxcruit > Trxin > Sxlect > Sxnd > Mxmber Care [RTSSM].

While doing this we completed the Standard Operating procedures [SoP] for each of these phases.

I have a copy of these in English or Bahasa if you would like to read.

It was also Annual Report time so together we drafted this so Lidya could complete it over the coming days. It is now at the level of draft 4 and is available for distribution also.


A very poor city in the south of one of the large islands were we meet with a group of 12 belxevers who are the result of the chxrch planted in 1947 by a NZ OMF person. Together we talked and prxyed about the needs of their city and how they could use PxM with the younger persons and how PxM could facilitate a team of TM persons to move and live in their city. I am prxying and watching this unfold over the coming year.

Suxabaya EJ SDC

Meeting in this city had several highlights that we need to mention.

1. The positive powerful committed group in the SDC who over the past years have "done the deed" with bells on !!! [In 2013 I meet in Surxbaya monthly and this is the fruit]

2. So together we commissioned 78 trained community school teachers, who are all committed and in process of going to live and work in the UnRexched [UR] parts of Pxpua.

I wept as I prayed for each knowing the commitment and dedication shown and risk each was taking. They each had a job, they would support themselves and be Chxist in that UR setting.

The challenge the SDC has now, is to implement the processes of member care for each person sent. Please prxy for this aspect of the sending.

3. I also attended a key meeting of the overall network PAM is part of, talking about the strategies of mobilixation worldwide and in doing so reinforced the approach PAM had and is taking so as to ensure Ixdo people reach Ixdo people.


In this city the SDC were at the start of the "pipeline journey" and had gathered together some 80 young men and women from the wider region and several different churches.

For 3 days we talked about Mixsion and what it was and and why we needed it in Indo.

At the end I gave my "Gideon talk" and then an invitation for any who wanted to take this further. They had heard Gxd's cxll and were will to say "here an I send me". I silence - no music - no hype over 60 rose to their feet.

So the task beings in this city to training these 60 so in 1 or 2 years they are ready to be sxnt. That is what we now will do !!!

In and around this I also facilitated 8 hrs of Professional Development training at a local school that I have been working with.

Another city

At the end of my time I spend 3 very positive and meaningful days with the other members of our team and they gathered together to talk, prxy and share. I had the joy of sharing a home with a young Braxilian couple and their son each halfway through the process of learning Bahasa. The time with the team of 13 plus children melded together in harmony and joy as we supported each other in the midst of the tough stuff of doing the deed.

So whats the future

PAM is is great heart after 10 years of input fruit, is being seen.

Lidya and Rieza are taking maternity leave and Melissa is covering.

The SDC's are each strong.

Bruxei is calling and a group will support the formation of an SDC in the region working with Indo workers resident in that place [ The Saxdi model]

I will continue to be involved daily/weekly using electronic means.

I will return mid year to work with some of the SDC who are struggling to get momentum.

But my goal for 2016 is to appoint a replacement PxM Director so that we can transition [Bahasa language and PxM activities] together through 2017 such that I can retire for the role [but not my connections] in 2018.

If you know of anyone who could step into this vital strategic leadership role, someone who understands and lives being a TM person please contact me and we can start a conversation.

I have a very clear Job Spec I can email as need be. Please prxy that this person can be found.

2016 is simple:

To trxin some 200+ and

Sexd some 150+ as self supporting TM person to the UR parts of Indo.

That is my prxyer !!!! please join with me in daily pray

We value you interest prxyers and financial support

As you can see I am delighted. 20+ 18 hr days without breaks are worth it when we see what God is doing. [I will however have a few days break in Sydney before I am in NZ to work again next week]

Thankyou for you interest and prxyers.

If you would like a copy of:

1. 2015 Annual Report.

2. SoP Core PAM Commitment.

3. SoP Operational Guidelines.

4. 10 year story of PAM.

5. PAM Director Job Description/Advert.

Please email me and I will send these to you.