PLEF Schedule

March 23-27, 2015

The Victory Within

As I continue to observe classes I want everyone to be proud of what you've accomplished as it relates to PLE and tablet integration. Everyone is moving through the SAMR model and you have mastered SUBSTITUTION but it's time to move forward. As we turn our thoughts to 2015-16 begin to think about how you will increase your comfort level with tech integration and PLE. Either way, you venturing outside your comfort zone and embracing this initiative, regardless of how small, is a victory. For that, I thank you. Continue to rise above the mediocrity of the old style of teaching, embrace PLE and achieve something great.

Coach Carter (9/9) Movie CLIP - Not Your Storybook Ending (2005) HD
Thank you to the teachers who continue to use the Amplify Classroom Management tools. Remember the value of formative assessment and the ease in which Amplify helps you accomplish this goal throughout a class period. Here is the breakdown from March 16-20.
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Bring your charged tablet to every workshop

Monday: Davis @ Guilford (Digital Choice Boards)

Tuesday: Davis @ Allen (Digital Assessment Tools)/@ GMS PM for PACE Team Meeting

Wednesday: Davis @ Guilford

Thursday: Davis @ Allen (Digital Assessment Tools during PLCs)

Friday: Davis WSA

Great Teaching and Learning Spotlight

Great teaching and learning is occurring in every classroom in your building. Your peers are your greatest resources. Visit their classroom during planning to keep your ideas fresh. If you have something you'd like to share, email it to me and I'll feature it in my weekly updates.

A huge shout out to both Allen and Guilford for integrating choice into the March 18 early release. You moved away from whole group instruction and were able to give teachers the personalized instruction they needed on instructional strategies, test-taking skills, copyright, tech integration, etc. Thank you to the GMS Mission Possible Team/presenters and Allen's CFs and Media Specialist for organizing an amazing afternoon. Thank you for modeling the PACE initiative in all that you do.

Need to Knows

No Animoto-No Problem: use Stupeflix

  • No account required to make the video- you can just start it and share it!
  • Free music add ins
  • Share through link or embed code
  • Works very similarly to animoto

Safe Mode on Tablets: Students that have put their tablet into Safe Mode to avoid Classroom Tools will appear as a blank box in the teacher's Classroom Manager

Amplify Timer Update: The classroom tool timer now appears as a native Android notification, we have eliminated the floating timer window that would appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. Please see the photo below to see what the new timer looks like and where it appears. Please voice your opinion about this to Amplify. Contact them at

You'll find additional opportunities and websites of interest below.

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