Parent Guide to Assessment


The fundamentals!

The primary purpose of assessment and evaluation is to improve student learning. In order to accomplish this, teachers follow the following fundamental principals

  • their classroom is fair and equitable for all.
  • support all students.
  • relate the learning goals to student’s interests, needs and learning styles.
  • communicate clearly to both students and parents throughout the year.
  • assessments are ongoing, providing students with the multiple opportunities.
  • provide feedback that is clear and descriptive.
  • encourage students to set personal goals and plans for their learning.

Understanding the Levels

Students receive a level to represent their understanding.

Level 1- Achievement falls below provincial standards. Limited effectiveness is shown.

Level 2- Achievement approaches the provincial standards. Some effectiveness is shown.

Level 3- Achievement represents the provincial standards. Considerable effectiveness is shown.

Level 4- Achievement surpasses the provincial standards. A high degree of effectiveness is shown.

Additional Information

  • The report card shows the assessments and evaluations that have taken place and are kept on file in your child OSR (Ontario Student Record).
  • An IEP is an individual plan containing specific objectives created specifically for your child. This is created in consultation with you. Please share your thoughts with the teacher when they contact you to review the IEP.
  • If your child is on an IEP (individual education plan) then their report card will reflect the goals stated on their IEP.
  • Assessments from other professionals may need to be considered to help in the development of an appropriate educational plan for your child. This could include medical/health assessments, speech/language assessments, occupational therapy, behavioural or psychological assessments.
  • If you feel the placement of your child needs to be reviewed then you may request a review IPRC meeting anytime after your child has been in the program for three months.

An unanswered question?

For any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me at the school. I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns.