Flyer Assignment

Make it fit your curriculum

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Smore is a versicle tool that combines a print flyer with the power of media allowing you to share it anywhere

Using the DESIGN Principles

I want you to create a flyer for your classroom. It could be introducing a concept, sharing resources that student can access, preparing a newsletter or back to school flyer, the choice is yours.
The key is to utilize the DESIGN elements that we read about in Robin William's book,

As a reminder the Design Principles are listed here

C. is for Contrast.

Creating contrast for elements means that discrete elements stand out. Contrast is all about making things stand out. A call to action that is red on a black and white website will stand out in a big way. Users know where to look first, second, third, last. This helps with scanning, especially with making ‘special’ things stand out.

R. is for Repetition.

Repetition, for instance making a header and footer the same color, makes scanning a website easier. Bullet lists are easy to scan, right? Because the repetition of the little dots makes it so. This can create a cohesive look to a website. Obviously, color and shapes are important with repetition.

A. is for Alignment.

Columns within a page makes it easier to scan horizontally. Newspapers use this to great effect. Aligning a whole bunch of elements with one another makes them scan faster. Alignment makes things easier to read.

P. is for Proximity.

Proximity means that things are associated with one another – or not. The closer things are, the more they are associated. The farther things are away from one another, the less they are associated. This helps immensely in navigation. This kinda folds into the ‘chunking‘ method of making data more digestible.

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