the war of 1812

created by Maura McKenna

the war of 1812 was a shorter war but some people still called it the second war of indipendince.I am going to explain to you this war in a little greater detail by using a cause and effect text structchure


here is some of the basic causes of the war

  1. great britten angerd the united states when they began captchureing american sailors
  2. both great britten and the u.s wanted the north west teritory
  3. americans belived brittish solders were suplying american indeans with wepons
  4. there was a group of congress men known as the war hawks argued in favor of war agianst great britten
  5. beause of the war hawks in june of 1812 president madison declred war on great britten

3 facts about the war

1.the war started with france and great britten then we joined in

2.some people called it the second war of indipendence

3.the american war ship USS constitotion defended and defeeted a brittish war ship

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  1. after we won this war people felt great pride in the nation
  2. after this war ended american problems with brittish naval policies did to
  3. many people felt more confident about there new nation
  4. at the end of the war both sides signd a peace treaty witch returned things to the way they were before the conflick
  5. after we won the battle of new orlins most of our solders were not ingerd