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Christmas Toy Drive

As everyone knows, the hurricane affected a lot of people in many negative ways. Although, on Friday, November 30, many BPA students with Mrs. Roberts went out to Target and teamed up with Holiday Inn for a toy drive. The toy drive provided for Bay County kids who might not have otherwise had a Christmas. We collected more than five hundred dollars and an immense amount of toys toys to donate. Thanks to all the students that chipped in on the cause, such as Alexis Nichols, McKinlee Williams, Madisen Kissane, and so many more BPA Beta Club students that made this amazing event possible. Making a special appearance was Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, melting the hearts of most the little kids who met him. With bells ringing, kids singing, and help from the community, the Christmas spirit is back on the beach!

Article By: Ryland Gallagher

Stories From Student Survivors:Hurricane Michael

After the storm, people became tired of the stories, but others wanted to hear people’s stories so I interviewed two students. According to the first student, “When the storm began, my family and I went straight to the bathroom where there were no windows, My home took a lot of damage. trees fell on my home.” Another student said. “ I went to my aunt's home and I wasn't allowed to see my home."

Article By: Raul Jennings

Current BPA toy drive

Many people were affected by Hurricane Michael, but we are not going to let that get in the way of our Christmas cheer! Although many kids are going through a lot right now, something that can cheer them up is a toy, so the best thing we can do right now is to give.

This year Mrs. Roberts is hosting a Christmas Toy Drive for the kids who have been through so much. In order to make it even more fun, the class that donates the most toys will be awarded a pizza party!

We are very thankful for Mrs. Roberts and Beta Club for putting this all together, the toy drive is for grades Pre-K - 12th, make sure to bring a new and unwrapped gift to your first-period teacher.

Article By: Abigail Fore, and Shyvah Doty