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for middle school families

New Search Engine...

Google's pretty good, right? We all use it numerous times a day. And we probably will forever. BUT, whe your kid comes home with a research project, think about trying out this new search engine that came down to me from the MN Dept of Ed.

Its designed specifically for students (handpicked websites) to pull up the most credible and reliable information. So, there are more .orgs, .govs and .edus than .coms. I did a few side-by-side searches with Google and Sweet Search. They were similar, but there were fewer .coms with SS. Try it out! You might just like it...

Gadget Lab is Rescheduled! Tuesday, March 19th from 3-4. Bring your device and your library card for access to free music and ebooks!

Being involved...

Studies show that parents who are involved in their student's education produce more successful students. I know you agree. Here's a link to an article from (a source I trust for innovative educational information). It gives some parent resources for being a trusted partner and encouragement for your student's school experience.

Thank you to everyone who made the book fair a Smashing success. We made a good amount of money to provide more resources for your students' classroom and you brought some great books into your home.

Splendors and Glooms

I'm just finished this book last week. It's really great. So great, in fact, it won the Newbery Honor. I really liked two things about it: First, it was realistic fiction with a touch of magic. Second, it was not terribly predictable. I think lots of students would like it - maybe yours?