Life Cycle

Beetles start out as a egg.
Then a larva.
Then pupa
Then a adult


Beetles eat all fruits.
Beetles eat dog food.
Beetles eat vegetables.
Beetles eat roots and plants.
Adult beetles eat nectar from plants.


Beetles have three body parts.
Beetles have a head, thorax, and abdomen.
The body of beetles are usually oval.
Beetles have a firm exoskeleton for protection.
Exoskeleton is made up of many plates called sclerites .
Antennae of beetles are for smell and feel.


Larvae is the baby stage for beetles before they become adults.
White grubs is a very common larva. They are white & brown and plump with a curved body.
Wireworm larva are very common. They have a straight body and are brown.
Meal worms are like wires worms.
Leaf beetle larvae are plump and soft and live on plants.


Most beetles have a hard armor to protect them.
Some beetles have horns that scare off predators.
Certain beetles can pull their legs & antennae into their ''shell''.
Lady bird beetles release a sticky yellow blood to gum up the attacker.
Some beetles squirt out formic acid to burn their attacker.
Some beetles can camouflage themselves.

Different species

The biggest beetle is the atlas beetle.
A popular type is the carpet beetle.
Power post beetle have 11 different species in the U.S. They have long , narrow flat bodies and can fly.
Merchant Grain beetles have flat bodies and crawl into food packages to eat , live and reproduce. It only takes them 3-4weeks to grow into an adult; and live up to 3 years.

Interesting facts

Beetles larvae do not look like normal beetles.
There are 400,000 kinds of beetles.
Beetles usually have two sets of wings.
All beetles have jointed legs.
Beetles lived with dinosaurs.