Yuri Gagrin

The first man human to journey into outer spece

Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin was born on March 1934 in the village of Klushino, near Gzhatsk renamed Gagarin in 1968 after his death. He was the first human to journey into outer space, on 12 April 1961

Glory and downfall

Gagarin became an international celebrity, and was awarded many medals and titles, including Hero of the Soviet Union, the nation's highest honour. Gagarin later became deputy training director of the Cosmonaut Training Centre outside Moscow, which was later named after him. Gagarin died in 1968 when the MiG-15 training jet he was piloting crashed. The Yuri Gagarin Medal is awarded in his honor.
Vostok 1 mission (Yuri Gagarin)