nigerian coming of age

By Nathan Adkins

bio on the igbo

the igbo tribe is an african tribe from the south. they speak igbo/which includes various igboid language. one of the largest tribes in africa. the Igbo were a politically fragmented group. most important crop is the yam.

coming of age in Nigeria


Names for the ritual include mbanye ebe, ahia ebe, imeebe... Girls and boys traditionally celebrate the rite of passage separately. usaly happen between 9-12. cooking, cleaning, hair braiding, body paint, sex education are all part of the coming of age pasage. One month before the final ceremony, the girls meet as a community group and learn what it means to be a daughter, wife and mother. boys ceremony is a masquerade system for a secret rite of passage. Lessons include: self-respect, how to respect women, how to provide for a family, and the values.