Happenings of December 29th, 1994

Chance Gardner

December 22nd, 1994

A 29 year old man was playing touch football with his family when the football accidentally hit a police car. The officer became angry with the man and tried to arrest him for disorderly conduct. The man Ted to talk him out of it but they ended up kinda fighting. The man ended dead with marks around his neck indicating he was choked to death.

There had been a lot of complaints about the officer before. He was sentenced to ten years to prison but a lot of people said she should be in there longer. Ever since this case people from the area are trying to stop police brutality everywhere.

1.Excessive force.The Economist (US). 348.8076 (July 11, 1998) p32. Word Count: 766.ON DECEMBER 22nd 1994, 29-year-old Anthony Baez was playing a game of touch football with his family in the Bronx. When their ball hit a parked police car, Officer Francis Livoti became angry. He arrested Anthony's From Student Resources in Context.


BIrthdays, Weddings, and Deaths

Princess Kako of Akishino of Japan birthday was on this date.


Billionaire J Paul Getty Jr marries Victoria Holdsworth on Barbados.


Plane flies into a mountain in East Turkey and 54 are killed

Eugene Tanner Jr, singer, dies at 58
Frank Thring, Australian actor (El Cid, Ben-Hur), dies at 68

Morning of December 29th

On the morning of December 29, don a heavy jacket, head outside, and look toward the southeastern horizon. About a hour before sunrise that day, your gaze will fall upon the three brightest objects visible in the night sky. Sandwiched by the two brightest planets - Venus and Jupiter - is the silvery sliver of the waning crescent Moon.


Above BYU vs Oklahoma December 29th, 1994
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My side ways portrait.


Springsteen play in Sea Bright, NJ, Tradewinds, USA, December 20th, 1994