Daily Sketch

Emilie Riley Editor-in-chief

The Real Price of Food

When deciding what to eat do you think of where it came from? The process it goes through. The people who make your food have one of the most dangerous jobs out there. But is what their doing really good for us. Upton Sinclair's novel " The Jungle" tell us about whats really happening in the meatpacking industry. It's all very gross what people let us put in our mouth. The uncleaned buildings, and rat droppings, and even chemically treated foods.

But at the end what can we do about it? We can stop buying these products and buy from farms or a companies that makes sure their food is safe. Don't buy from places where there are illegal immigrants or unskilled workers. Its up to you what your willing to risk for your health.

Dear Future Americans,

My name is Alice Paul. A little about me is that i'm a 80 year old woman writing to you from 1965. My best friend is Lucy Burns. Lucy and I both started in the National American Suffrage Association but that didn't workout very well so we started the National Woman's party formed in 1916, an organization to help women win the right to vote in a peaceful and effective way.

I think that to succeed you need to be brave, have courage, and stand up for what you believe in but in a nonviolent way people can be cruel and you shouldn't go down to their level. If you really believe do something about it, don't just wish upon a star and hope your dreams come true. Get up and find other people who believe in the same thing you do. One thing I've learned is that people want to fit in, they want to feel excepted so if you have more people in your group that will get others attention and more people will join.

Lastly if others think your cause or idea is stupid ignore them. If it's really important to you what others think shouldn't matter. Do what will make you happy, and in 20 years when you look back on your accomplishments I hope you see your dream. Because regret hurts more than failing. just remember to stay strong, have courage, and you can do it.


Alice Paul

The Boxer Rebelion

The year was 1900, when a new rebellion started in northern China. A group who called themselves the Society of Righteous started to attack. One man who would like to stay anonymous saw this horrible group attack on his way home from church. "It was a beautiful morning in Peking sun shining and birds chirping it couldn't have been any better. Then all of a sudden I heard a scream, it was a young lady who sits a few pews in front of me in church. She was trying to get away from these big men, I knew I couldn't have helped her so I went to go find help and by the time I came back she was gone. The next morning the girl was found dead near Gangwashi Church which later was destroyed by the same group.

As you can we are dealing with a lot more than what it seems like. The Society of Righteous are attacking foreign missionaries and Chinese Christians. Something needs to be done. We should say and believe what we want and not be attacked or murdered, it's absurd. This is only one mans story and there are many more out there. If we come together as one we could put this boxer down forever.

18th Amendment

The 18 Amendment makes alcohol illegal. Which for some people mean the end of the world. The man is sitting on a alcohol barrel is on the "Road to Death" so since you can't drink alcohol you might as well be dead.
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Buy Victory Bonds!

Help your country win the war and buy a victory bond. It's a great gift for any age, and your child will love you forever. It's so easy and your helping our country by raising money for our freedom.

Imperialism an Outbreak in the War

Imperialism played the largest role in the outbreak of world war one. Everyone wants to be the most powerful, and you want everyone to know you are the best. For example the Balkans, the Ottoman Empire ruled the Balkans but when they started to fall apart the Austrian-Hungarian Empire tried to expand and began to push into the area. Or another way is that you can have so much spirit and be proud that new nations are formed such as Germany and Italy during 1870s.

A New Kind of Women

Flappers are a new kind of women in the 1920s. After the 72 year fight to end woman suffrage ended many young women didn't seem to thrilled, these great accomplishments and they just wanted to have fun. They wore short skirts, bob their hair, listen to jazz, drank, and smoked. You would find them up north in urban areas, they were single, young, and middle classes girls ready to have fun.
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Bobby Jones- A Hole in One Kind of Guy

Bobby Jones was born in 1902 and brought into a wealthy family. with that came advantages such as his fathers membership to Eastlake Country Club. Jones because a remarkable teenage golfer. As he grew older he had frustration because he wasn't as skilled as the other players and he would lash out or forfeit game. When he grew older Jones grew out of his lashing out and he has won the thirteen championships. Jones is also know as an admirable role model for his honesty, self motivation, and refusals to except prizes after he wins.
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