Samuel Slater, BOOM!!!!

How he affected the Industrial Revolution

Samuel Slater (June 29, 1798)

Samuel Slater, the man that made manufacturing in th United States BOOM!!! During the late 1700's, Samuel Slater, diguised as a farmer, immigrated to the U.S. from Great Britain after carefully memorizing the blueprints of their textile machines. Later, Slater sent a letter to Moses Brown claiming that he could improve the manufacturing of textiles. Brown then sent one of his employes to test Slater's knowledge of machinery. Slater passed. Brown's son, Smith Brown, and son-in-law William Almy, formed a partnership with Slater, and in 1793 they opened their first mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Now, Slater has formed his own company to build mills, and lives a very succesful life.